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Colchagua Valley, Chile

TerraPura has an excellent Chilean pedigree coursing through to its roots. Founded by Alfonso Undurraga and Jose Miguel Ovalle in 2004 in Chile's Colchagua Valley, it is now wholly owned by the Matetic family. TerraPura pays homage to Chile’s distinct landscape and vibrant ecosystems. In fact, TerraPura means "pure earth" in Spanish, and the biodynamic and organic viticulture practiced by the TerraPura vineyard team demonstrates that ethos clearly.

TerraPura harnesses the power and diversity of Chile's topography--proximity to the Pacific Ocean, transverse mountain ranges and the like--to create some of the country's best wines from the main valleys of Chile. Curico Valley Chardonnay, Itata Valley Pinot Noir and Colchagua Cabernet are just some of the standouts.

“Every bottle expresses the specific grape variety paired with a specific area of winegrowing in Chile. We fit the right variety and region together to produce excellent quality wines with distinctly Chilean character,” explains TerraPura winemaker Felipe Vial.

TerraPura is keenly committed to sustainable practices through all its activities, which include instituting a recycling program in cooperation with Greenplast recycling company to drastically reduce their plastic waste and creating a reforestation directive to improve areas of their local community.  This dedication has earned TerraPura the Wines of Chile Sustainability Code, a certification highlighting their strict compliance to the highest environmental, social and quality standards.

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