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Attilio Ghisolfi

Piedmont, Italy

Carlo Ghisolfi was abundantly aware of just how highly prized Barolo wines from Piedmont were, so in 1985 he bought nine acres of land (in what is now known as the “Cru Bussia”) to begin making wine. Carlo’s son, Attilio, continued this path by purchasing 21 more acres. But it wasn’t all vineyard land, as some of it was used for other fruit production. Until 1987, the year Carlo’s grandson, Gianmarco, joined the company and, along with his dad, they decided to focus only on grapevines and wine.  In 1988, the Ghisolfi-labeled wines produced their first vintage. That wine was called Barolo Bricco Visette, which is now lauded as a renowned Barolo “Cru.”

The winery’s vineyards are unique in that they have two exposures: one facing south, the perfect exposure for many of the world’s best vineyards, including these prized Barolos, and one facing north, where Attilio Ghisolfi’s Barbera comes from. These vineyards are cultivated with a great respect for the environment, without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

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